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Food Security

The dedication and generosity of donors, volunteers, and partners has enabled The Y to change the lives of many through our food security initiatives. It is our belief that everyone has a role in ending hunger in our community, some do that through food pantries or free food banks, for us this is where our three Markets come in.  

The Mystic Valley YMCA operates three Free Food Markets.  

Malden YMCA Food Market 

Mystic Community Market (Medford) 

Eliot/YMCA Market (Everett) 

The Y is also offering Free Food For Kids throughout the year with our Grab & Go program that has many convenient pick-up locations across our three communities.  


  • A majority of our food comes from the Greater Boston Food Bank.
  • We have partnered with Food Link to receive rescued food almost every day of the week.
  • We have partnerships with stores like Target, Aldi, Wegmans, and we are working to add more partnerships to our team.
  • All of this allows us to add in fresh produce and pre-made meals to the bags of food we're serving to members of our community.


  • You can help The Y and our food security initiatives by volunteering your time or donating!
  • Volunteering could be helping put together and hand out bags of food at any of our three Free Food Markets, or handing out hot lunches to kids at our Grab & Go locations.
  • Monetary donations toward our efforts are greatly appreciated!
  • We currently are not accepting food donations at this time. 
All of our work is made possible by the generous support of our partners:

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